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The Perma Centre - Facilities

A thriving community space build on permaculture values to encourage humanness through natural living, alternative learning, meaningful interactions and talent performances.

Note: All the photos used are for representation purpose only


The Perma Centre is an open “ready-to-implement” concept to be implemented in multiple locations. Currently, we are implementing our centre in two regions.


Santity Ferme, Shoolagiri, Tamil Nadu

A village situated just about 1.5hrs from Bangalore city towards Hosur. An ideal natural getaway spot from the busy traffic of the city.


Kawaluyaan, Buah Batu, Bandung (temp)

We are looking for suitable land In and around Bandung city in West Java. However, we are open to other suitable locations.


What members and partners say about us



1 permaequity
  • 1 night complimentary recurring stay
    every year per permaequity
  • Buy or earn extra permaequity
    to add more complimentary stay
  • Access to member events
  • Opportunity to buy and sell products
    in community market


20+ permaequity (min)
  • Complimentary stay based on investment
  • Access to member events
  • Permaequity based on investments
  • Company shares based on investments
  • Exclusive room reserved @ 350 permaequity
Terms and conditions
  1. Permaequity is a digital asset for becoming member and accessing facilities of the perma centre. It is valued at five man labor day to incorporate differences in value of currencies across regions. 
  2.  We intend to maintain the premises by renting out additional bandwidth of stay, learning centre and other facilities to third-party individuals or businesses aligned with natural and alternative lifestyle. 
  3.  Our purpose is to build asset for the community in the best fairness possible. All listed terms and conditions is a start. We shall evolve to incorporate changes as best needed at that time. 
  4. Partnership is not just based on contribution only. It is also based on selection into the community. However, we have an open inclusive approach for anyone who is genuinely interested in becoming a part of this community.


Together, we can build a better world!!!

We believe that natural way of life based on permaculture ethics and principles can lead to a world with absolute abundance and harmony. If you are interested in participating in our projects, please feel free to contact us for an open discussion.

Working Partner

Cash Investment

Provide Land

Along with regional partners and members, we build each centre gradually according to permaculture values and principles. The idea is to grow into a serene space and vibrant community by understanding the regional land, nature and people rather than a forced implementation of infrastructure. Each stage is stabilized at that level to make sure the facilities are fully utilized and effective before we proceed to the next.

Stages of building regional centres

"Good design depends on a free and harmonious relationship between nature and people, in which careful observation and thoughtful interaction provide the design inspiration".

					Get a suitable piece of land from a partner member
Start membership in the region
Stage by stage infrastructure development
    a) Camping site with tent platforms and restrooms
    b) Team and volunteer facilities
    c) Basic learning centre
    d) Conduct periodic programs
    e) Build basic living area for the community
    f) Construct performance zone
    g) Conduct periodic performance shows
    h) Establish business and interaction zone
    i) Periodic open market activities
    j) Keep evolving the space and member engagement

The steps listed here are for the purpose of understanding our approach. The actual project will be handled more creatively with the local area knowhows and other situational understanding. 

We're looking forward for like-minded partners

Let's build a thriving nature loving permaculture community in your region together!!!


We are a team passionate about nature and permaculture way of life.

Perma Centre is an humble idea to build community spaces, inspired by permaculture values, focused on bringing out humanness and closer to nature lifestyle. We encourage people to utilize a larger community involvement in developing assets instead of limiting themselves with personal custodianship of their land.

We invite all to participate in The Perma Centre project. Let us together dream of becoming a socially equitable community.


Founder, The Perma Centre


We are delighted to work with talents across the globe. Most of our positions are open for both full-time and part-time volunteers. We are looking for people who believe in permaculture ethos and principles to join our team. We are happy to work with individuals who are inspired by nature and alternative lifestyle.